FAQ: Planning

  • How long will the planning process take?

    We submitted a planning application to Sunderland City Council in October 2017. Sunderland City Council is the Local Planning Authority responsible for determining the planning application. The Council has consulted with statutory consultees to seek their views on the proposed development. Members of the public also had an opportunity to contact the Council to state their views.  

    The Case Officer will now consider the details of the planning application and how it complies with the policies of the statutory development plan, and other material considerations, including the views of the statutory consultees and members of the public.  The Council will then prepare a report to inform the planning committee of the details of the application and make a recommendation as to whether the proposals should be granted planning permission or not, and state the reasons why.

  • Where can I go for more information?

    You can contact us on 01579 352600, email sunderland@roltonkilbride.co.ukor fill in our contact form. 

    More information on the planning application can be found on Sunderland City Council’s planning portal here