More information on Rotherham Energy

July 17 2017

28 June 2016

Responding  to  feedback,  Rolton  Kilbride  has  published  more  information  on  the  proposed Renewable Energy Centre on its website.

The  company  behind  Rotherham  Energy  has  published  a  detailed  set of  Frequently  Asked Questions (FAQs) that cover a range of topics, from technology to air quality.

The FAQs are available on the Rolton Kilbride website. Based  on  established  scientific  and  technical  evidence,  the  doc
ument  addresses  questions about the facility as well as specific concerns that members of the public might have. Ian Crummack, project spokesman for Rolton Kilbride, said:

"We want to provide factual and correct  information for local  residents about both the facility itself and the technology that would be used.
Every  element  of  our  proposal  from  air  quality  to  traffic  and  technology  is  supported  by scientific  evidence  and  will  be  carefully examined  throughout  the  planning  process. We hope that members of the public find this useful and we welcome any further questions."